About us

Rapid Recovery Consulting was founded by a group of people who were personally and deeply affected by the online trading scams in the past. We are passionate about helping and teaching regular people who are not familiar with online scams on how to avoid them, and at the same time assist those who have fallen into the traps of these scam schemes to pursuit and return their lost funds thru proper legal channels. With years of experiences and exposure to the industry, we are familiar with various techniques and tactics utilized by the players. Hence, not only can we assist you in recoverying your lost funds, but we can also help preventing you from losing your funds to begin with!

We are NOT a financial service provider and we will NOT sell any financial products, advises, or solutions to you. Our work is focused on investigation, consultation, report preparation, and report filing. If you are unsure, please contact us and we will provide a initial investigative reports based on your situation free of charge before you decide to choose our services.

Anita B.

I have had terrible experiences with Investing in Scam companies, all of them ended in despair. However, Rapid Recovery not only helped with the whole procedure of recovery, but also helping with writing off my Loan payments across 4 banks, which was a result of an identity theft done by the scammers by accessing my personal data and online banking via a remote desktop called anydesk. Moreover, throughout the whole period of recovery (3 months) my case manager Alex assisted me with everything necessary to win the case, including daily communication, updating the progress on the case file regularly and helping me with writing police complaints and Letters to various regulatory and governing bodies. I am glad that finally I could experience something legit that justifies legal grounds.

Helena E.

I have been very pleased with rapid recovery consulting company. I especially like the way they communicate proactively. They will react without delay to questions or, for example, to the questions. They will confirm soonest possible the documents you received. This creates mutual trust!

The people I have dealt with have been very friendly and professional, so it has been pleasant to deal with them.

Martin H.

As I’m a truck driver, I was always susceptible to technology, especially online trading. Rapid Recovery has been very patient with me, working on my case despite my regular absence due to the nature of work that I do. All the investigations conducted were sent to me via email to ensure that everything is absolutely clear. The whole process until the final submission took approximately 4 months, and in the process I’ve learnt a lot about how most of these scam companies work and make the individuals responsible for taking my money pay for what they’ve done to myself and various others.